Paulina Gretzky Celebrating Cinco de Mayo In Bikini


Paulina Gretzy Laying In Bikini

Paulina Gretzky [complete photo gallery] is spending her Cinco de Mayo just chilling in one of her favorite bikinis. This picture is nothing special but it gives me the chance to finally post the awesome butt-shot photo below that made the internet rounds last week and made us furious.

See, we have been considered one the best online resources for your Paulina Gretzky news and photos but last week we missed that photo.  A bunch of websites scooped it from us and I was so pissed I couldn’t bring myself to post it.  Blogger problems.

I’ve been able to move forward.  Specifically that ass helped me move forward.

Paulina Gretzky Butt

How does an ass get a perfect shape like that?

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