Paulina Gretzky Letting Loose on Instagram

Paulina Gretzky Letting Loose on Instagram

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Paulina Gretzky, daughter of the greatest hockey player that ever lived Wayne Gretzky, may be one of the more fascinating pop culture celebrities today.

A few months back she reportedly got a talking to from daddy about the scandalous photos that she was posting on twitter and had temporarilly shutdown her account (for about a week).

Just like the Los Angeles Kings, she’s BACK!

Paulina Gretzky Partying in Vegas

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Paulina posted these pictures on her instagram account, the last three in the gallery have been since removed.

Now I have a theory on Paulina, she is

  1. Angry at daddy for playing all those road games
  2. Trying to get a reality show
  3. dumb

Not doubt about it though, she is hot.