11. Sara Walsh Hot?

That’s right, there’s a question mark in that headline.  Since joining ESPN back in 2010, anchor Sara Walsh has proven to be one of the best and most respected personalities on the network. There is no debating her talent, but there is a lot of debating on her level of attractiveness.

At times she looks great, other times…not so much.  I’m confused.  There is something going on in her mouth region that is throwing me off.  She has big teeth, right?

We aren’t the only ones intrigued by Walsh’s looks.  In fact, many of you are reading this article because you want to see more pictures of Walsh and arrived here by googling – “sara walsh hot.”  In double fact, since this article was published in 2012, it has been responsible for 1/3 of all pageviews on RideThePine.com.  Obviously, interest in Walsh is high.  However, Walsh is consistently trashed in our comment sections and has lost our SportsCenter Faceoffs to Britt McHenry and Hannah Storm.

Personally, I think I place her right below Lindsay Czarniak and right above Jade McCarthy on the ESPN Hotness Ladder.

We’ve put together some of the best Sara Walsh photos – from Twitter, Instagram, and creepy stalking on the internet – for you to make your own decision.

10. Sara Walsh Hot?

Sara Walsh married minor league baseball player, Matt Buschmann, back in 2014.

9. Sara Walsh Hot?

Here is Sara Walsh in a red dress during the February 1st, 2014 morning edition of SportsCenter.

8. Sara Walsh Hot?

Walsh with Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw during 2015 Spring Training.

7. Sara Walsh Hot?

6. Sara Walsh Hot?

5. Sara Walsh Hot?

4. Sara Walsh Hot?

3. Sara Walsh Hot?

2. Sara Walsh Hot?

1. Sara Walsh Hot?