Terry Francona Girlfriend

If you remember the disastrous end to the Boston Red Sox season highlighted by the biggest collapse in baseball history, there were numerous stories about former manager Terry Francona‘s struggle with pain medication and personal distress of going through a divorce.

BustedCoverage got their hands on these photos.

A couple days later we were contacted via Twitter about Terry possibly having a post-marriage breakup side piece. The tipster claims the young lady is named Vanessa, in case you’re keeping track at home. There are claims the two spent time at the Fontainebleu in Miami for New Years.

As for these photos, they’re allegedly from October during a night at Shrine inside Foxwoods (it’s legit – see wall pattern). Fan photos don’t usually include the double-hander, between the legs shot. Is it possible this is just some random chick Terry felt like taking double-hander pics with? Could be.

There are numerous pictures of this girl with Francona which leads me to believe that she is more than just a fan looking for a photo op.  I don’t blame Francona for going after a nice young lady after his divorce but this begs the question; is it really a score to be with a young chick if she isn’t that hot?

I mean this girl is a 7 at best.  Would you rather have a young, 7 or an older, 8-9? #famouspeopleproblems