2012 NBA Finals Preview


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The 2012 NBA Finals kicked off last night with the Oklahoma City Thunder taking Game 1 against the Miami Heatand Pat Riley taking it from everyone in the arena.

Lil Wayne was finally able to get some tickets in OKC but tweeted that he was treated poorly by the arena staff.  Maybe because no one really cares about you…and your music stinks.

I’m sure all of the NBA suits are excited about this finals matchup between the two best and youngest superstars in Lebron James and Kevin Durant.  These two stars will also generate high television ratings because people will not be able to look away waiting to find out which one of these players will be the first to tongue kiss their mother.  Maybe I’m emotionally cutoff but I don’t and have never kissed my mother on the lips…and I’m proud of that.

As Tiger Woods gets ready for the US Open, I wonder if he has had time to reflect on the changes in his life.  A few years ago, he would be cuddling with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren who looks amazing in a bikini.  Now, he’ll be spending Thursday and Friday nestled in this amazing chest.

At what point does selling memorabilia go too far.  Like would you consider the Boston Red Sox making a tote bag out of an old rain tarp and selling it for $60 a little too far.  I do.  Especially a tarp that was used during last year’s historic collapse.  Now if you show me the spot where Josh Beckett vomitted Popeyes Chicken, than you got my money.

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Ride The Pine : 2012 NBA Finals Preview

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