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Most of the baseball world is still in shock over the biggest financial trade in the history of sports that involved Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford going from the Boston Red Sox to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a bunch of guys and James Loney.  Give the Dodgers some credit for making a serious run at this thing.  Don’t forget they also picked up Shane Victorino and Hanley Ramierz right before the trade deadline.

But lets focus on the Red Sox who unloaded their biggest contracts and biggest headaches that have basically turned this team to from a World Series favorite a year ago to an embarrassment this year.  Sweet Mickey Mouse shirt Adrian, what are you 12.  Yeah, we know you hit a home run in your first at bat with the Dodgers.  Well, because you’ve always performed best when there are empty seats in the ball park.

Lance Armstrong has decided to stop fighting the doping allegations that have haunted him for years.  Not because he is guilty, because he is tired of fighting.  That makes sense.  Tarnish my name and take all of my accomplishments because I just need a rest.

If I had to guess, these past few weeks have probably been the worst of Chad Johnson’s life.  Arrested for allegedly head butting his wife in front of their home.  Being released from the Miami Dolphins on television.  Having his wife file for divorce and losing their reality show.  Just when things couldn’t get any lower for Chad, “lower” appeared in a pink tank top and a below average face.  At least now we know why you needed all those condoms.

Speaking of protection.  Can someone get Matt Cassel a net so when he FAILS at touchdown celebrations something can catch him.  Its the preseason dude, chill out a little bit.

I love Mississippi high school football because you never know what can happen from week-to-week.  One week you may have Brett Favre as the opposing offensive coordinator and another week you may have a skunk running through your bench.  At least the skunk can’t send you text of its private parts.

In case you were wondering how the Houston Astros were doing this year, here is an update.  Yep, that is why they are 47 games under .500.

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