Bill Belichick is a Pirate


Welcome to, I always wonder if when athletes meet each other is it as exciting and memorable as it would be for you and I….obviously not. [ – Ric Flair calls Dustin Pedroia, Dennis]

There was a split second during Week 2, that I almost enjoyed watching the New York Giants game…

and then that quickly ended.

The NFL has come out and said that teams who coach or teach faking injuries and use those techniques in a game, could face fines, suspensions, or loss of draft choices.  The NFL wants to make sure that their players are not faking any injuries because they would be no better than soccer, and who really watches soccer.

Last episode [ – Larry Merchant Threatens Floyd Mayweather] I played a clip of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick yelling at wide receiver Derrick Mason of the Baltimore Ravens.  The show called a Football Life airing on the NFL Network was a rare behind the scenes look at Belichick and than this happened.

Bill Belichick didn’t half-ass his pirate costume, with just a hat, eye-patch and sword.  No!  He went full blown pirate, like one-step away from being a drag queen pirate, like a wig away from being Mr. Miss America pirate.

NFL Lock for Week 3: San Diego Chargers

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Ride The Pine : Bill Belichick is a Pirate

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