Booing Matt Cassel


Was cheering for Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Matt Cassel’s injury really that sickening? Is baseball’s new Wildcard round fair? Do you know what college had the most dominating cheerleader performance over the weekend? Find out these answers and more on this episode of Ride The Pine.

There is a lot of backlash towards the Kansas City Chiefs fans who cheered Matt Cassel’s injury in the 4th quarter of their lose to the Baltimore Ravens that knocked him out of the game.  First off, if you watched the highlights its hard to determine if the Chiefs crowd was cheering for the injury, the first down that the play resulted in or the appearance of backup quarterback Brady Quinn, whom the fans have been begging for to replace Cassel.

Either way Chiefs offensive lineman, Eric Winston, was not happy with the hometown Chiefs fans.

Let’s be real for a second, there is not a football fan out there who has not cheered or celebrated when a member of the arch-rival team suffers an injury.  I’m not talking about a life-changing injury.  I’m talking about an injury that you know will give your team a better chance to win.  Don’t act like you are above that, because you’re not.  So whats the difference in cheering for someone on your team that you really don’t like if they get injured and gives your team a better change to win?

Every article you read about this story will tell you that booing Matt Cassel was classless, disgusting, and sickening but if you ever cheered a big hit you are one of the lowlifes.  What are talking about anyway? Did Matt Cassel die?  Is he paralyzed?  Ok, then – he will survive.  Listen Eric Winston, I know you are upset about your “short” millionaire life but I’m willing to trade with you for my long, below-average life.  Wanna switch?  Probably not.

I’m surprised how many people were upset over baseball’s new single game elimination Wildcard round.  Over and over again, I heard people say “its not fair.”  Why play 162 games to have only one game determine who moves forward.  “Its not fair.”  Of course “its not fair.” Sports aren’t fair!  They’re not suppose to be.  If sports were fair, the best team would always win and then why would anyone watch.  The other outcries have been about the MLB only changing the playoff structure to inject some life into their TV ratings.  Of course!

Steve Spurrier led his South Carolina Gamecocks to an upset win over the Georgia Bulldogs, but was not too happy with his offense performance in the 2nd quarter and thought they “pooped around.”

Poop, still makes me laugh every time.

Any dumb sports show could show you the highlights of that South Carolina victory but how many of those shows have the highlights from every single camera shot involving a South Carolina cheerleader?  This guy.

Fan Rule #12: Don’t wear an NFL jersey of your favorite team, when you clearly have an opportunity to watch the game and choose not too.  You’re not a real fan.

Alex Balcerski is the owner of and a former radio talk show host for CBS Radio. His work has been featured on, Fox Sports, MSN, and the Los Angeles Times.