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The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are officially over and the games ended with a pretty entertaining closing ceremony…Well, at least the parts the NBC allowed us to see.  Personally, I like seeing all the athletes celebrating with their medals like soccer star Alex Morgan showing off her hotness, men with giant orange helmets and Swamp Thing.  That person doesn’t have a like weird skin disease that everyone is going to get mad at me about, right?  You don’t know, great!

Don’t say that this show doesn’t have an impact.  The day after the blockbuster Dwight Howard trade that included the Philadelphia Sixers’ first round draft pick Maurice Harkless was completed, the Sixers were still promoting Harkless’ gear on their website.  We goofed on it, now its gone.  

There are certain things in life that make people’s skin crawl.  Maybe finger nails on a chalk board, extreme heights, open ocean, Tom Hammond in a track jacket awkwardly staring at his announce partner.  All very creepy.

Kobe Bryant was having a little fun with NBA rookie, fellow Olympian and reigning King of The Unibrow Anthony Davis and an Armenian wrestler, who also had an amazing unibrow, and asking his Facebook fans who wins the battle of the unibrow.

That’s easy Kobe, no one wins…they have unibrows.

Can I make a plea to the NFL offices.  Please bring back the real NFL Officials!  The internet promises we wont make fun of them again.  I just can’t go all season with refs that can blow a spotting call like this.

Remember “Caption This”?  Its back.


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