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Tennis star Andy Roddick Announced that he will retire after the US Open.  That’s odd, I thought he retired right after the 2003 US Open because he hasn’t done diddly squat since then. Too soon?  No because I would rather be Roddick and go home with that trophy of a wife he has in Brooklyn Decker than some metal server dish.

Fighting in the upper deck of stadiums is unfortunately pretty common in professional sports.  So this video isn’t very special…except that a little kid throws a couple of jabs during the melee.

For whatever reason, I’ve become completely obsessed with what I call the Bionic Tennis arm.  This is when a female tennis player is photographed striking the tennis ball and their arms look about 10x larger than normal.  It just makes me laugh.

John Daly spent time getting ready for the Arkansas Razorbacks college football season to kick off by rocking a classic number 69 jersey.  This picture would be a lot cooler if Daly’s inflatable head was scaring the crap out of me.

Its early in the college football season but this might be the dumbest play you will see all yearKent State’s Andre Carter grabs this punt return fumble and instead of walking the seven yards into his end zone, he decided to go the wrong way.  What makes this play completely stupid is that instead of letting him run into their end zone for a touchback, two Towson players decided to tackle Carter.

Philadelphia Phillies fans may not be the smartest group of people but they sure are dedicated.  This fan covered her face in red lipstick and is probably still spending time trying to wipe it off.

Sometimes people wonder what I was like in college.  I can sum it up for you in 3 seconds

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