Let’s Get Ready for Celtics/Heat Game 7


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Which NBA star looks the dumbest wearing big black-rimmed glasses?  Trick question, its all of them.

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick will now take us through the 3 stages of long-term relationships. [RideThePine.com – How Women Change Men: Bill Belichick Edition]

Do you remember when Dane Cook was a comedian?  You do, it was such a long time since he has made me laugh.

New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft made an appearance at Game 6 of the Celtics game with a mystery woman.

What? Did you expect he would end up with a 40 something divorcee from Quincy. What is up with that baggy shirt?  How can I be properly judgmental if I can’t see the goods.

2 Boobs at the Los Angeles Kings Game.

4 Boobs at the Lost Angeles Kings Game.

Do you know how to properly jinx a team going into a Game 7? 

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Ride The Pine : Let’s Get Ready for Celtics/Heat Game 7

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