You know what I realized after the first weekend of March Madness, is that I’m really good picking games in the tournament.  I may suck picking winners in everything else, but March Madness I’m a winner.  Who told you that Pittsburgh would lose in the second round of the tournament, me.  Who told you that a 13th seed would pull an upset, me…Louisville is in Kentucky, Duh.

Welcome to, Let’s talk sports.

You know what makes me happiest about March Madness, the NFL labor dispute gets pushed to the background.  If I hear Adam Schefter say the word concession one more time, I may vomit.

As someone who grew up cheering for Philadelphia sports teams, I’m tired of everyone always complaining about Philadelphia sports fans. “They thew snowballs at Santa.”  GQ recently put out an article claiming Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies as the top two worst fans in the country.  You know who has bad fans, soccer.  Shooting a flare gun at a player goes a little beyond the snowball.

Kyle Busch won the NASCAR Jeff Byrd 500 at the Bristol Motor Speedway.  I’m really only mentioning this because lots of people like NASCAR, and I need the views.  Although do many NASCAR fans own a computer?  Or a house without wheels?

Instead of ending the show with our normal thing of Caption This, I want to end it with something I grabbed from

The hottest chearleaders from March Madness…I will give you just the Top 5.

Go Spiders!

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