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Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones talked about what he wants more than anything in 2012.

Excuse me?  The thing in the bathroom?  I thought those teams in the 90s were just into drugs?

I haven’t had a chance to watch as much of the 2012 London Olympics as I’ve wanted to, and not because I don’t like the Olympics.  In fact, I love the Olympics!  The passion, the athleticism, the pride in your country…and the most disgusting mole you’ll ever see.  Dude, at least trim the hairs.  I think I’m going to be sick…

I never thought I would be more annoyed with an Olympic swimmer than how much Michael Phelps bothered me in 2008, but congrats Ryan Lochte you’ve become my least favorite Olympic athlete of 2012.  Stop tweeting things to #LochteNation.  Do you know what I know about #LochteNation?  Population is you, bro?

Lochtenator?  Seriously, bro?

Did you see USA gymnast Alexandra Raisman’s parents reacting to her events?

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