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So how do I feel about the penalties that were brought down upon on Penn State?
I would probably feel a lot better if the people who turned a blind eye to Jerry Sandusky were the ones actually being punished but stripping Joe Paterno of any records or respect will do.

And why did the NCAA stop at just the football team?  Shut the whole school down.  Take a look at their alumni list, there are not a lot of winners there.  The most famous non-athletes graduates are Rick Santorum and Jennifer Aniston’s father.

Joe Paterno’s family was upset that the NCAA stripped Joe Pa of his record setting wins without consulting the family first.  I’m sorry, what?  The NCAA just acted on what is right, a concept that is foreign to the Paterno family.

Serena Williams tweeted out these pictures asking the internet if this onsie made her look fat.  No, your ass does.

Chad Ochocinco is officially going back to the name Chad Johnson again.  I wonder if that means he will officially go back to being good again?

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