Russell Westbrook Should Pay Attention In Huddles


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Did you happen to see one of the final inbounds plays during Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat?  It seems that there was a little miscommunication on Russell Westbrook’s behalf.  Let’s go back and look at the huddle just prior to the play.

Hey Russell, maybe next time you should pay attention to the clip board that your coach is drawing the play on instead of dreaming about how stupid you will look in your big dumb red glasses in the post game press conference.

Get ready for the US Open Bird Man.  And I’m not talking about Koko B Ware.

You know what is not cool?  Yelling out “Mashed Potatoes” at a golf event.  You know what is cool?  Yelling out “Yabba-Dabba Do.”

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Ride The Pine : Russell Westbrook Should Pay Attention In Huddles

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