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For just 70 cents a day you can help feed this man.

Does he look healthy?

While you’re sitting there feeding your fat face, this man is walking into walls and pooping on the ground.

Doesn’t this man look stupid enough just trying to walk.  Help a racewalker today.

There are two people in the world that I promise you will never ever, ever, ever win an Olympic Medal.

This guy is one of them.

I like the one clap you hear at the end of the video.  Like one person in the crowd was like, “good effort, get ’em again in 4 years.”

If you ever wondered how I would react if I didn’t win a gold medal, it would look something like this.

Let’s slow it down so you can hear exactly what McKayla Maroney said.  I will punch you right in your Russian face, if you don’t back up, bitch.

I still don’t know how this guy is even alive.

What I love is that they roll out this privacy screen to shield the crowd from the scene.
Like there is a 50% chance this guy is dead, but don’t worry you wont see a thing.

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