“Mashed Potatoes” for Tiger Woods


I don’t really know why fans are yelling “Mashed Potatoes” at golf events…but I like it!

The video above was from Tiger Woods‘ tee shot at the 18th in the final round of the 2011 Chevron World Challenge, which ended up being Tiger’s first victory since his Thanksgiving Day collapse/car accident/Cheaters episode.

I remember growing up in the pre-Tiger Woods golf era and the first real catchphrase to take the golf world by storm was “You da Man!”  Spectators would yell it out primarily after tee shots by Fred Couples, Greg Norman, etc.

Next was “Get in the hole” and now we’ve made a giant leap forward to “mashed potatoes.”

Doing some preliminary research online, I can’t find any significance to the phrase.  I did find out that this was not the first time this was yelled out during a golf event.  It was yelled out at Rickie Fowler earlier this year, and just a few weeks ago at Tiger Woods at the Australian Open.

If anyone knows any more history about the “mashed potatoes” craze, please inform us in the comment section below.

[Credit: Deadspin] [Source: MentalityMagazine]

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