Rory McIlroy Vs Golf Hitting Machine


There is still a zero percent chance that I will watch the European Tour but this is one of the best promotional golf videos you will ever see.

Rory McIlroy faced off against a Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine at PGA National Resort & Spa, Florida.  The challenge was to see who could hit golf balls into the opening of washing machines at various distances.  The concept was taken from when McIlroy was on the Gerry Kelly Show out of Ireland in 1999 and chipped a golf ball into a washing machine in front of a studio audience.

The machine talks trash to Rory throughout the competition, even at one point saying “Tiger Woods would’ve been home with his feet up by now.”  That line caused McIlroy to get bleeped by the censors.  The machine also goofs on McIlroy for trying to pulls its power lever, which the machine infers to be his “privates.”

Definitely worth the watch.


Alex Balcerski is the owner of and a former radio talk show host for CBS Radio. His work has been featured on, Fox Sports, MSN, and the Los Angeles Times.