Mo Farah Ice Bath Water Available On Ebay

Mo Farah captivated the London crowd at the 2012 Summer Olympics by winning Gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m races.  Now you can have a piece of that history…if you’re dumb enough to believe it.

Someone on Ebay is selling a bottle filled with water from Farah’s post Olympic gold race.

Buy at own risk.This is only water that I hope to have been scooped out of Mo Farah’s ice bath and placed into this water bottle after his 2012 olympic win. Impossible to authenticate buy at own risk. Their was ice in the bottle but it has melted. My apologizes 🙁

The starting bid is $1,000 and on the bright side the shipping is free.

If you are thinking about bidding on this item, just send me the money instead.  At least I will put it to good use.

Source: [Deadspin]