Thierry Henry Scores Amazing Corner Kick Goal


Thierry Henry scored a pretty odd corner kick goal against the Columbus Crew on Saturday night to lead his New York Red Bulls to a 3-1 victory.

The good folks at CrosbySweaters tell us the corner kick goals are not that rare but its the first time I can remember seeing one happen.  Although this might be the first soccer highlight on our site that isn’t Alex Morgan related, so we don’t have much to basis it on.

It seems really weird that the goalie is surprised by the goal.  Where did he think the ball was going to land?  If you are standing on the goal line and the ball is curving over your head towards the goal…its probably going INTO the goal.

What is up with Henry’s celebration pointing towards his eye?

Thierry Henry Celebrates After Scoring Corner Kick Goal

Is he trying to showoff that he has a good eye, like a sharpshooter? Or is giving us a teardrop, like he just killed someone?

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