Are Penn State Fans Really Kneeling in Prayer outside of Paterno’s Home?


Penn State fans kneeling in prayer outside of Joe Paterno's House


This image was captured outside of former Penn State football head coach Joe Paterno‘s home, showing what appeared to be a father and son (at least an older man and younger man) spending a few moments on one knee paying homage to the Penn State legend.

ESPN showed the video this morning, the first Saturday that Paterno is not involved with Penn State football in over sixty years.

Just when I thought Penn State fans were turning the corner…  I can only imagine the conversation these two had walking up to Paterno’s home.

Son, I know you might have heard some bad things about Joe Pa in the media this week.”

Damn, liberal media!”

But gosh darn son, he was one hellava football coach!”

Sidenote: This is a pretty shitty house for someone who is the highest paid employee at Penn State.

Updated: After Penn State’s game against Nebraska, Penn State fans will be holding a News Truck Tipping Contest followed by “OJ Simpson Appreciation Night.”


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