TBS Baseball Graphics Person Is Having A Terrible Postseason


It seems like every MLB postseason since TBS started its coverage in 2007, there is something they do that is just bad.  Remember Frank TV?  I hated the show before an episode even aired.  Back in 2008, The Steve Harvey Show was played instead of the first inning of Game 6 of the ALCS because of technical difficulties.

This postseason, Cougar Town looks way worse than its “crappy” name [even if Dick Stockton refuses to say “crappy”] and TBS has made three pretty significant graphical errors [and the League Championship series have only just started].

During Game 1 of the Yankees-Tigers ALCS, TBS was highlighting players who had played in the playoffs before the age of 24 and after age 40.  One of the players on that list is Willie Mays, except TBS spelled his last name wrong by adding an “e.”  Unfortunately Willie Mayes career wasn’t that spectacular.

TBS spells Willie Mays wrong

Before Miguel Gonzalez playoff debut, TBS wanted to tell you “who is Miguel Gonzalez?”  Answer: “This Guy.”

TBS "This Guy" Graphic

TBS even screwed up one of their own announcers’ name.  Calling Cal Ripken Jr, “Carl.”

TBS Carl Ripken

Source: [Deadspin]

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