Stinky Fan Smells Armpit


Lady Smells Arm Pits At Minnesota Twins Game

This lady fan stinks.  Literally.

If you are a frequent visitor of then you know are humor starts right below low brow and normally ends in a ditch that Buffalo Bill lowers a lotion filled bucket to.  Seriously, one of my proudest pieces of work is finding this EPIC nose picker at this past year’s Masters.

Then it shouldn’t be surprising that I can’t stop watching this GIF loop of the lady in the brown tank-top sniffing her armpit at a recent Minnesota Twins game.  I just love that she is going crazy, waving her arms over her head when she gets a whiff of something bad.  Then goes pit sniffing to confirm the bad smell and embarrassingly places her hand under her chin realizing – yes, she stinks.  This is straight deodorant commercial footage.  Someone get this lady a Right Guard sponsorship.

Source: [Gifulmination]

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