Tigers home run fan interfere

I don’t know what the umpires were looking at during the review process but this crucial 7th inning home run by the Detroit Tigers Victor Martinez was upheld even though it clearly looks like these Tigers fans interfered on this ball.

The Tigers entered the bottom of the 7th, trialing the Oakland A’s by one run facing elimination in Game 4 of the 2013 ALDS.  The home run kicked-off a two run inning which put the Tigers back ahead 5-4.

Can someone tell that spazoid with the sunglasses on to chill out.  Plus, it’s dark out in Detroit.  Maybe if you took your sunglasses off you would’ve caught the baseball.

This GIF below of the play seems to show the best angle.

Detroit Tigers Home Run Interference

The fans in right field reach over into the playing field.  The debate is whether the ball was going to be a home run anyway.

Watch the official MLB video of Victor Martinez’s home run.

The Tigers ended up winning the game 8-6 and forcing a series-deciding Game 5 Thursday night in Oakland.