Dewayne Wise’s Greatest Catch That Never Was


I’m in the New York area on some business and had been planning on going to this New York Yankees hosting the Cleveland Indians game Tuesday until just hours before when I realized that hassle of getting to Yankee stadium. I don’t think I could afford tickets that close to the field but this (non)catch by Yankees outfielder Dewayne Wise is just a continuation of terrible umpire calls this year, like this bad called strikeout and this bad call at first base.

In watching the video, it seems like the umpire is in perfect view of the play and I can’t believe that he didn’t even ask to see the ball in Wise’s glove.  How cool did Wise play the drop/catch?  I mean he didn’t even drop a smile/wink/hint to Derek Jeter that he didn’t have the ball.

Video Credit: [Deadspin]

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