Does Anyone Actually Believe That Kelly Shoppach Sent The Text Message To...

Does Anyone Actually Believe That Kelly Shoppach Sent The Text Message To Red Sox Owners?

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Kelly Shoppach Sent Text Message To Boston Red Sox Ownership

Whether you believe this story or not, its embarrassing at every turn.

Lets start with the backstory from the New York Daily News on August 19th:

Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was not the author of the now-infamous text message to Boston ownership complaining about manager Bobby Valentine, although it was sent from his cell phone, major league sources told the Daily News.

Those sources also said new Mets catcher Kelly Shoppach was deeply involved in writing the message that touched off the latest Sox drama, but Shoppach would not confirm that charge.

A small group of players that has been unhappy with Valentine this season — a group that included Shoppach, according to a source familiar with the circumstances — was complaining about the manager in late July and engaged Gonzalez in the conversation. A member of the group suggested that the only way to bring about action would be to voice their problems to ownership. Gonzalez was tired of hearing the constant grumbling and agreed with them that a message from him — the team’s highest-paid player — would get management’s attention.

Several sources say Gonzalez had nothing to do with the message’s content, which — according to a report this past week on Yahoo! Sports — indicated the team was unhappy that Valentine had left ace Jon Lester in a game to give up 11 runs against Toronto on July 22. “The text message was not his idea or his opinion . . . or his words,” one said. Those were from the small group of players that included Shoppach.

Asked about the authoring of the text message following Saturday’s game at Yankee Stadium, Gonzalez said, “I know why you’re asking, but we’re not going to talk about that anymore.”

On Saturday at Nationals Park, Shoppach denied any involvement in sending the text message, insisting, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But on Tuesday when the Yahoo! report was published, Shoppach was asked about it and said of the Red Sox organization, “Let me be very careful. I think, and maybe this is as far as I’ll go with it, too, there is a disconnect in communication between the players through the upper management.”

Shoppach continued to deny the claim the following day with the New York Post:

“I’m really disappointed my name was even brought up in that,” Shoppach said after the Mets’ 5-2 loss to the Nationals. “I wasn’t behind any text. I actually didn’t even attend the meeting. It was on an off day in New York. I stayed back in Texas with my family.

“I’ve already gotten a few text messages from some of my former teammates, apologizing that my name was even brought up in that. Everybody who was involved in that whole situation knows that I had nothing to do with it.”

Alright, lets keep an open mind about this.  If Shoppach was behind this infamous text message, what conclusion can we come up?  Adrian Gonzalez would allow someone to send a text from his phone but would have no input on what was actually sent.  Really?  That is way worse than if it was Gonzalez just sent it himself.  Makes Gonzalez look completely gutless.  That is what middle school girls do.  “Text Bobby and tell him that I think he’s cute, and if he freaks out I’ll just say that you stole my phone and I had noooo idea. hehe.”

Is the Red Sox clubhouse so void of leadership that a backup catcher can carry that much weight?  Its very convenient that the guy who was recently traded is now getting all the blame?

The Red Sox have history of leaking stories, i.e. Terry Francona, and it seems like this is another embarrassing attempt to get some heat off of Gonzalez.