These Miami Heat Fans Wearing Bandages Over Their Eyes Are Dumb


Miami Heat Fans Wearing Udonis Haslem Inspired Bandages

So I’m watching the start of the second half of Game 5 of the Indiana Pacers/Miami Heat series and while Pacers star Danny Granger heads to the locker room because of an ankle injury, I notice this fan and American Airlines Arena employee wearing similar bandages over their right eye. (except the fan has it positioned the wrong way. How’s the bandwagon?)  Udonis Haslem Bandage

What’s up with that?

Well the people at BlackSportsOnline  explain the Heat fans are rallying behind Udonis Haslem, who hit 4 of 5 shots in the fourth quarter of game 4 after taking an elbow from the Pacers Tyler Hansbrough that needed stitches and a giant bandage

Look I’m all for team spirit but this is just stupid.  Especially when you have the bandage on your head like you are playing a drinking game.

If Heat fans had any real commitment they would all shave receding hairlines into their heads in support of Lebron James.

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