Roddy White Should Be Embarrassed For Reneging On Duke Bet


Roddy White Duke bet

At the beginning of this week Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was discussing the Duke Blue Devils‘s chance to win the Men’s 2014 NCAA basketball tournament.  White claimed that Duke would win it all. He was so confident that when one Tweeter claimed that the Mercer Bears would pull off the upset, he offered “season tickets 50 yard line first row.”

By now, you know Mercer pulled off the major upset.

Instead of owning up on his bet, White said he would give tickets to “the bears game.”

Bitter, Roddy? How about you man-up and give this guy season tickets like you offered. Typical Falcon, act like you’re going to do something and then fold like napkin when everything is on the line.

Alex Balcerski is the owner of and a former radio talk show host for CBS Radio. His work has been featured on, Fox Sports, MSN, and the Los Angeles Times.