My Fight With Steve Weatherford, a Punter


On Monday, January 23rd 2012, New York Giants Punter Steve Weatherford called me a “jealous bum” on twitter. These are the events surrounding that incident.

I never heard of Steve Weatherford before September 25th, 2011. That was the day the newly signed New York Giants punter tweeted this friendly message with an accompanying picture of a Philadelphia ghetto before a game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Giants punter Steve Weatherford calls Philly a dump

Game on.

Taking a picture of a less fortunate area and goofing on it is real high class, dickwad.  First things first, you’re not a professional athlete. I’ve got more respect for professional bowlers than punters.  You’re a reject unskilled soccer player who got the chance of a lifetime to play be on the sidelines in the NFL.  You can be replaced by a high school soccer goalie at the drop of a hat.

Fast forward to the NFC Championship game.  The Giants take advantage of two punt return fumbles by Kyle Williams of the San Francisco 49ers and a blown/pre-mature whistle on a certain Ahmad Bradshaw fumble to get the victory in overtime against the 49ers.  I don’t know how they do it, but the Giants always find a way to back into Super Bowls.  Remember Brett Favre’s horrendous interception in overtime that sent the Giants to Super Bowl 42?

The winning field goal was highlighted by a really good hold by punter Weatherford, who than went berserk and ran around the field screaming, “We are going to the Mother Fucking Super Bowl.”  Truthfully, the hold was a really nice play.

I’ll admit that my rant that following day on Steve Weatherford was over-the-top but I was angry.  I’m a long suffering Philadelphia Eagles fan and nothing ever goes our way, except doing a admirable job rehabilitating criminals back into society.  After I posted my article, “Steve Weatherford Sums Up Everything I Hate About The New York Giants,”  Weatherford did the greatest thing that could happen to a little known sports blogger, he responded.

Thanks Steve.

You know what I find so interesting?  I never “mentioned” Steve Weatherford in my initial tweet.  So one of two things happened; A. Someone sent him my tweet (which doesn’t make sense because their twitter name would’ve been in the post) or B. Steve Weatherford did a twitter search…of himself.

I can just imagine him sitting on his couch saying, “I wonder what awesome things people are saying about me?”

After Weatherford’s gracious “quote tweet,” I was bombarded with many insults from Giants fans, which was to be expected.  In fact, some of the “Dream Team” hashtags were hysterical and I would be doing the same thing if someone trashed my team.

Here is where I make my point.  Punters are insignificant.

Before you freak out, tell me one punter that is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Exactly.

Even Play-by-Play announcers have their own wing in Canton!

Before you give me the old “field position” argument, think about what kind of teams have punters that get noticed or are considered “good”?  Teams with a terrible offense.  Look Eli Manning has had an amazing year…in the 4th quarter.  Do you know that his passer rating was ten points lower than Niners QB Alex Smith’s in the NFC Championship game?  Alex Smith didn’t complete a pass to a wide receiver.

The Giants had 12 punts against the Niners, on the other hand in the AFC Championship the New England Patriots punted twice.

If punting is such a crucial part of football, why does former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham have the third longest punt in the history of the NFL?  In the Divisional Round of the playoffs, Tom Brady placed a punt inside the twenty against the Denver Broncos.

Yes, an NFL team needs someone that can catch a long-snap and drop a ball onto their foot.  But honestly, I had a janitor in grade school who could do that really well at recess too.

In some of the Weatherford aftermath, one of the more interesting tweets I got today informed me that I’m not alone in receiving the wrath of Steve Weatherford.

I have no way of verifying this story or claim.  But I’ll agree on one thing, Steve Weatherford is an asshole.

Update: After publishing this story I received the below screen captures from @drewf0sho as evidence of his twitter fight with Steve Weatherford approximately a year ago.  It seems like Andrew’s comments are pretty innocent.

Update 2: It seems like this silly feud has become a family affair.

Yep, that’s Steve Weatherford’s sister coming after me.  The bottom tweet was the initial one she sent (but quickly deleted) and the top tweet is the one she posted moments after.  Its funny that in the first tweet she calls me an “idiot” but than tells me to “find positive ways to get attention” in the second tweet.  Seems contradictory.  Like placing “punter” and “professional athlete” in the same sentence.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

To be honest, this has gotten stupid.  I’m done.

Update 3 (January 29th): “Everytime I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”  This comment below was posted in the comment section of my initial post on Steve Weatherford from some person named “Wade” claiming to be Weatherford’s cousin.

That’s too bad that you are probably too fat and unathletic to realize an athlete when you see one. Steve’s more like a safety than a punter. I’m his cousin, and let me just say that this family line breeds athletes… Not burger flippers or cocksuckers or whatever it is that you do. He’s goin to the super bowl bro. I think you get more excited than he did when you get to go home early from McDonald’s to your moms cookin… Get it right, don’t be jealous that he can celebrate for the Super Bowl. I mean your eagles still have some craps games to try in win comin up on the streets this weekend right? Shut your mouth and don’t post again. You just make yourself look stupid.. Thanks

Here is my response:

Let it go bro!
This is/was a dumb post that makes no sense and wishes that Steve Weatherford “foot falls off.”  Feel stupid arguing now?  You should.  Steve, his sister, and now you (his cousin) are fighting with some idiot (me) on the internet. Steve has constantly shown no class online, evidence from his Philly is a “dump” tweets and other fights that he has started with other twitter followers (evidence in this post). Nevertheless, at this point I like Steve Weatherford. He has generated a significant amount of attention and traffic for talking shit. I appreciate that he wont take shit from fans and has an opinion and is willing to express that. Thanks Steve!

Let me explain how being a sports fan works.  You love your team (Eagles) and hate the other teams (Giants).  Steve Weatherford just happened to be the guy that Fox decided to show in slow-motion celebrating the Giants win.  If it was another player, I would’ve goofed on them.

If Steve is more like a safety, than why isn’t he playing safety?  Just asking.  That’s like saying I’m more like a running back than an bloated blogger.  Are you starting to see how dumb you sound?

And no, I don’t “flip burgers” or work at McDonalds and I don’t put people down who do so. I only go after people that have had pretty fortunate lives and should show a little humility and gratefulness for playing a game for a living.

PS – Blow Me

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