It was a tumultuous final twelve hours of the life of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno. Reports of his death started circulating late Saturday night that were ultimately proven false until finally becoming a reality late Sunday morning.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how I feel about his death.

Former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Memorial

My condolences go to his wife, children, grandchildren, and friends. Its always difficult losing a love one, but it’s hard for me to feel remorse considering the recent allegations that he was aware of the sexual abuse that Jerry Sandusky allegedly committed with many children.

For all the good deeds, for all the money donated, for all the lives impacted, there are children who are scarred forever because of his lack of action.

Supporters of Joe Paterno will tell you that he was treated unfairly in the firing by Penn State because Paterno wasn’t the one who committed the alleged acts.

Paterno’s lack of action was worse than Sandusky’s alleged actions.

Many people thought Paterno was a great man because he won a lot of football games and guided many people through their young adult lives at Penn State. But when children really needed him to be great, he wasn’t.

Winning football games doesn’t make you a great man. Protecting people makes
you a great man.

How Do You Feel About Paterno’s Death?