Marshawn Lynch Goes Crazy For A Bottle Of Fireball


The Seattle Seahawks celebrated their Super Bowl 48 victory with the traditional parade through the city on Wednesday.  Running back Marshawn Lynch spent most of the parade sitting on the front of a Duck Boat tossing out Skittles to the crowd.

Along the parade route, Lynch noticed that someone in the crowd had a full bottle of Fireball, the newly popular Cinnamon Whiskey.  As you can see in the video, Lynch went crazy trying to get the bottle for himself.

What makes the video so weird is that Lynch wouldn’t speak and just ask for the bottle.  He just kept pointing over and over again while his eyes got wider and wider trying to get the crowd to understand that he wanted the Fireball bottle.

Hey Beast Mode, all you had to do was ask.

Here is a high quality, really cool video that recapped the Marshawn Lynch at the Seahawks parade.

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