Oklahoma Sophomore Quarterback Kendal Thompson Kendal Thomspon and Charles Thompson was arrested at 1:53 am on Friday morning after he was found sleeping on a hill, smelling of alcohol and failing to respond to officer’s commands.

From SoonerScoop.com:

“As I was speaking with him, he was not making sense with incomplete sentences and was becoming harder to understand him,” said Norman police officer Steven Boxford in the affidavit.  “He continued not to obey commands and I grabbed his right arm and completed a spinning arm bar to take the defendant to the ground,” said Boxford in the affidavit. “Once on the ground, the defendant continued to fail to obey commands to put his hands behind his back and get on his stomach.”

“A spinning arm bar,” is this officer Jake “The Snake” Roberts?  It shouldn’t be that hard to take someone to the ground who is just waking up from a Natty Light nap.

Thompson is one of three Sooner quarterbacks vying for the starting position this season and who knows what kind of impact this can have on his position but you would have to guess that head coach Bob Stoops would have concerns making someone like this the face of his team.

Another interesting aspect of this story is that Thompson is the son of former Oklahoma quarter Charles Thompson, who infamously appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in an orange jumpsuit while being arrested for selling cocaine [below].  Obviously, these two incidents are on opposite ends of the arrest spectrum but Sooner fans have to be wondering if this will turn into a “like father, like son” situation.

Charles Thompson SI Cover

For those of you who don’t remember Charles Thompson, I found this highlight tape from the 87-88 season.  He had some speed but always got busted. ZING!

Source: [Dr. Saturday]