Saddest Tennessee Titans Fan Ever Is Only Person Waiting For Tickets


After an AFC best 13-3 record in 2008, the Tennessee Titans have struggled to be a contending team.  The amazing talent of Chris Johnson seems to be just a single season enigma in an otherwise average career.  Vince Young gets as much playing time as Matt Leinart.  Can you even name the head coach?  It’s Mike Munchak.  Don’t act like you knew that.

WKRN reporter Stephanie Langston went to LP Field, home of the Titans [you didn’t know that either], to talk with the only fan who camped out overnight to be in line when Titans’ single game tickets go on sale.  The reporter woke up the fan, David, and that is when the sadness begins.

– The reporter wakes him up.
– He was there for 24 hours.
– He doesn’t understand “why people don’t come down here anymore [for tickets].”
– There use to be a group of people who stayed for 10 days waiting for tickets.  Now, its just David.
– David just buys one ticket for one game.  This year its for the October 20th matchup against the San Francisco 49ers.
– He will do this into his 60s.
– David has no Credit Card? I’m in the cash business myself.

“If you see him at the game on the 20th against San Francisco, pat him on the back.”  Forget pats on the back, someone buy this man a beer!

Source: [Deadspin]

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