CFL Hopeful Takes Football To The Face During Drill


Professional football hopeful Taylor Renaud was filming footwork drills to hopefully impress the scouts and earn a spot in the Canadian Football League.  Instead, the former Acadia University (Canada) wide receiver, was drilled in the face by a football thrown by his roommate Mike Benson, long-snapper for the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos.

There was some miscommunication on the drill as Benson was not suppose to throw the football until Renaud went through the cones twice.  If I was a scout in the CFL I may look at moving Benson to quarterback because if Renaud’s head was a dartboard, he just hit a bull’s eye.

Can someone also explain to me what this drill actually shows off?  That he can run like a ballerina?

Source: [55 Yard Line]

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