Jon Gruden Stars In A Terribly Awesome Hooters Commercial


ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden is staring a brand new Hooters video that was released on YouTube yesterday.

The setting for the commercial is “Hoot Camp” which is a parody of Gruden’s QB Camp segment that airs before the NFL Draft.  Gruden challenges the Hooters’ girl with such hard-hitting questions like, “How’s your bloody mary?”


Gruden was a former cook at Hooters and continues his cartoonish like persona in the bit.

By the way Jon, that was a terrible pour.  “Perfect amount of foam?”  Sure, if you don’t mind wasting half the keg on the extra foam pouring out the side.

It’s hard to figure out who was the worst actor in this video but at least the Hooters girl has large cans.

Source: [ExtraMustard]

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