Romney Supporter Runs On Field Prior To Reds-Giants Game 3


Prior to Game 3 of the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants matchup in the 2012 NLDS, a Mitt Romney supporter ran onto the field holding a Romney yard-sign.

The other side of the sign was handwritten with the message, “Abortion is SIN.”

Romney Supporter Cincinnati Reds

This was an odd incident involving a fan on the field because the man seemed to be middle-aged, judging by his gray hair, and not you traditional half-naked twenty-something.  I will give the old dude some credit, he had a couple of sweet juke moves before security tackled him to the ground.

This is not the first time the sports fans in Ohio have gotten policital during this Presidential campaign, you may remember the Anti-Romney ad in Ohio State’s student newspaper pointing out the fact that Romney likes Michigan.

I don’t know where this video feed is from but great job by Deadspin to track it down.

Source: [Deadspin]


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